What Do You Do?

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What Do You Do?

Postby Zombie » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:41 am

We all have things we don't like about the laws, policies, and actions of our respective governments. What do you do when you encounter a law or policy you disagree with? Do you write your officials? Do you vote? Do you attend protests?

I personally don't write my elected officials. I will occasionally sign petitions, but more than that, I vote in elections and I do what I can to talk with my friends and family about their views, and why I agree or disagree with them. I tend to be logical* about politics, so I try to at least get the people I disagree with to see things the way I see them (even if no one changes their mind in the end). I should do more, admittedly, especially when it comes to major things in the United States and in my state of Colorado.

* By "logical," I mean that I usually think through things and come up with a reason as to why I have an opinion. It is, of course, still my opinion, and because I'm human, I could be wrong. I don't mean to imply that I have delusions of superiority over others.
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What Do You Do?



Re: What Do You Do?

Postby brokeredone » Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:11 pm

I vote, sometimes.
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Re: What Do You Do?

Postby MacFall » Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:52 am

If the law merely inconveniences me, I follow it, though I will complain. If it gets in the way of me being able to do what I believe God wants me to do (for instance, a law against feeding the homeless), I will straight up break it, and my conscience will be clear as crystal.

I don't usually vote. I will sometimes vote for referenda or initiatives for the sake of damage control, but I don't vote in elections. I refuse to give my moral sanction to an earthly ruler. Let Rome choose their own damned Caesar. I have no king but Christ.
No king but Christ; no law but liberty!
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Re: What Do You Do?

Postby little_tigress » Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:38 pm

I vote, sometimes I'll sign petitions. I actually haven't experienced a law which prevents me from living my faith or serving my God but I imagine (at least I hope!) if it did happen, I'd break it and just do as God expects of me.

Other than that, I don't concern myself with it. There are laws I don't like and disagree with but I don't feel like its my place to do anything to affect change in those areas.
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Re: What Do You Do?

Postby Wesley » Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:22 pm

I vote when the time comes. I'm not interested anymore in outspoken political efforts, but I wonder if my cynicism is its own fulfillment of prophecy. I hate those chain forwarded emails that say "Copy and paste this text in and send it to your government officials!" Do they care? Do they tally up all the different opinions and think "Well heck, that's more people that care than I thought. I should change."

I think voting is probably the most important thing, but yet, it gets to be a hard slog when you're one of hundreds of millions.
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Re: What Do You Do?

Postby ulu » Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:02 am

Usually do nothing, unless I feel really strongly about it, like I do with people having exotic pets. In cases like that, I'll send emails, asking to change the laws, and offer harsher penalties for those ignoring the laws
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