Is True Atheism Possible?

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Re: Is True Atheism Possible?

Postby Spunkn » Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:04 am

No one can truly say on -every- level that God doesn't exist. They'll scream their heads off about how their is no God, God doesn't exist, but I believe everyone knows that God exists, they just choose to bury the truth.

Just because people act like there is no God and pretend like they've never felt one existed, doesn't mean they still don't know it. Why do they scream so loudly against Christianity? Because it forces them to look at what they already know is true. There is a God. When faced with the truth, they get upset, because it pulls their head out of the sand and they don't like that. They want to plug their ears and go la la la la god doesn't exist because I say so even while everything around them, creation, beauty, the universe etc is screaming there is God.

True atheism would say there is no value, no morals, no purpose, nothing. We exist for nothing. Everything is random chance. So do your kids have purpose? Nope. Does your wife have a purpose? Nope. Does life have any purpose? No.

Do you know anyone who really lives like that? Because I sure don't.

Even psychopaths "feel" like they have a purpose, however sick and twisted it may be. Atheists scream up and down there is no god, we make our own rules, and way of life then go home and protect their children. But wait, I thought no one had any purpose and we're all random chance?

Guess not.....

If you want to say that people exist who have suppressed the truth so much that it appears as if true atheism might be possible then sure, but I still don't believe it is.
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Re: Is True Atheism Possible?



Re: Is True Atheism Possible?

Postby Awesome Sauce » Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:41 pm

I think I can truly attest to this because I was an atheist until I was nineteen. And what's funny is too many non-Christians like to say we only became Christians in our youth because we're brainwashed by family and culture, but that wasn't my culture at all. My grandma is Catholic, but she's no devout. I've never seen a single family member of mine pray or speak to God unless they were using His name in vain. I never went to church and even through high school, I made fun of my Christian friends. I was huge into science and I remember taking an Oceanography class and they were showing a video on the evolution of a whale and I said to my friend, "See, doesn't this prove that there's no God?"

I was really brutal against religion and God. But the weird thing is...deep down inside, the entire time, I knew He was real. I could almost "see" Him, if that makes any sense. I would close my eyes at night and there would be God. And I'd speak to Him and pray to Him. When I went for walks, I would feel His presence. So that whole time, I was only denying what I knew to be true.
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