gender roles

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Re: gender roles

Postby little_tigress » Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:21 pm

Wren, it seems like the mutual view tends to be more common in my experience that the submission view. I think complementarians tend to be more vocal about it though which makes it seem like a majority view.

Rhamiel - thanks for sharing. So what does that look like in practical application? Is the husband in charge of all family decisions like budgeting, where the kids go to school, what is considered appropriate clothing choices, etc... Or are the verses speaking more of a spiritual authority in that the husband is given the responsibility to lead his family in truth?
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Re: gender roles



Re: gender roles

Postby Rhamiel » Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:52 pm

I never really thought that the complementarian view was more popular, I am a Catholic and most Catholics tend to pride themselves on being "modern" and complementarian is seen as too old fashioned, also there are a LOT of Methodists in my area (central Ohio is very Wesleyan) and egalitarianism and equality (not just in marriage but in general) is a big part of Wesleyan thought, the only group I would think of as being more complementarian would probably be the Baptists? but the Baptists are such a mixed bag, some believe one thing, some believe another, hard to tell.

as for if this authority is spiritual in nature or in dealing with mundane things like budgets and housing
I would say both? spiritual and mundane authority
of course there is individual autonomy and delegation of responsibilities, more like, the father has the final say, but the father should do all things for the benefit of others.

we kind of see this through history, men are expected to sacrifice themselves for others
be it on the Battlefield or the Coalmine, or even the hard life of working a farm. many women had to work too, hard work, but even the hard work of women normally did not have the same body destroying quality that men had to do. have you seen pictures of people who worked in coal mines? I know I am using the extreme examples of coal mines and war, as those are probably the two most self destructive forms of work that were traditionally seen as being for men, but look at any of the old traditional villages either in the past or in the 3rd world today, being a fisherman, working a farm, being a rancher, working on dangerous construction projects, this is probably what at least 85% of jobs have been in the history of civilization. the reason for this was simple, among the poor everyone had to work, but if a woman was pregnant, hard physical work like described above would be far more dangerous for the woman and the unborn child

so that is a bit of the type of sacrifice that a man is called to
it does not have to be that dramatic, there are many ways to live this kind of selflessness out in our post-industrial economy
working a job you HATE because it pays well, working late, just putting others before yourself

the type of self sacrifice the woman gives in a marriage is more subtle, it is giving up a portion of personal sovereignty, like I said before, this does not extend to doing what is immoral or against God, but it is a serious sacrifice
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