Official Mission Statement & Rules

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Official Mission Statement & Rules

Postby admin » Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:34 pm Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple: exists to serve as a place for mature discussion, open conversation, and lasting fellowships among Christians of all walks and viewpoints. We encourage our members to speak from a position of truth and love, remain Godly in the midst of disagreements, and seek to bless and be blessed.

The mission can only be achieved through the cooperation and mindfulness of its leadership and membership. We ask that everyone involved with reflect on the mission statement and seek to fulfill it. If you see a way that the site and forums could better fulfill its mission, please tell us! Forum Rules

The rules for participating on are intentionally few and all governed by humility and love:

  • Respect each other and behave maturely (1 Corinthians 13:11). No trolling, baiting, or harassment (Colossians 4:6).
  • Do not be a stumbling block to others with what you post (1 Corinthians 10:32). Pornography, vulgarity, and shocking imagery for the sake of shock will not be allowed (Psalm 101:3).
  • You will see viewpoints that you disagree with! Remain calm (Proverbs 12:16). You are welcome to share your viewpoint as well. Speak truth with love and maturity (Ephesians 4:15).
  • If you are offended, you may respond honestly (Matthew 18:15), but do so with meekness and love (1 Corinthians 16:14). Strive to resist an angry rebuttal (Proverbs 15:1).
  • Personal attacks result in an official warning. You may disagree with a person ("Your idea is wrong."), and even point out poor behavior ("Your behavior is poor."), but insults ("You're stupid."), invectives ("You're a jerk."), and put-downs ("You're so dumb you can't even spell right.") are never acceptable and will gain the attacker a warning.
  • If you are a non-Christian, you are welcome here as well! Please interpret the above rules in the spirit in which they were intended, even if you do not hold the Bible in esteem.
  • While porn, vulgarity, and shock for the sake of shock are not allowed, we understand sometimes things like news stories or art (in all its forms) might be shared that could be considered graphic or disturbing. These images or videos are not allowed to be posted directly on, but may be linked to offsite if the link is accompanied by a warning concerning graphic images/material.

What to Report
  • Only report posts that are objectively explicit, egregious, spam or otherwise match the rules laid out in the final bullet point of our rules (porn, vulgarity, shocking content with no redeeming context, etc.)
  • As a result of the above bullet point, know that the reporting system is not necessarily there to report posts that you personally disagree with, feel angry about, or are even offended over.
  • We expect people to work out minor grievance between each other rather than mashing the report button every time something borderline is posted. This is not an abdication of moderator power, but rather to foster personal responsibility between us all and grow a more personable community.

How Reports Are Handled:
  • Reports are strictly between the person who raised the report and moderators and admins. At no time will the author of reported content know the creator(s) of reports.
  • Not all content reports will result in content removal. See the "What to Report" section above.
  • At the discretion of moderators, if the content reported is deemed to be borderline, we may open a private discussion with the original author and notify them that their content has been reported. It will be up to the discretion of the original author if they choose to remove the borderline content. Why do we do things this way? We believe this will foster more maturity and personal responsibility among the community.
  • If the content is clearly in violation of our rules, we will remove the content and the acting moderator will sign their name to the action and then privately discuss and warn the original author.
  • You may report anyone's content, even site administrators and moderators. All reports will be discussed and approached as objectively as humanly possible.

The Warning System and Bans
  • Warnings are handed out for offending content and behavior that matches the rules laid out above.
  • One official warning lasts for 365 days from the time it was applied. On the 366th day it is removed.
  • Earning three warnings in a given 365 day period will result in a permanent, irrevocable ban of not just the user account, but the user behind the account. No one is allowed to rejoin the forum under a different account after a permanent ban.
  • Criminal behavior (threats, soliciting illegal activities) will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities and will gain an instant, permanent ban regardless of the current amount of warnings on the account.

A Note About Thread Closures and Deletions
  • Threads will not be locked or deleted by request of the original thread author. We strive to foster an environment of responsibility and openness, therefore each topic will exist in perpetuity, standing on its own merits.
  • Only spam threads and posts will be deleted.
  • If the original intent of a thread is to be disruptive, baiting, personally attacking, or vulgar, only then will a thread be locked.
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Official Mission Statement & Rules



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