How do you define relationship

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Re: How do you define relationship

Postby Toro » Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:02 am

For me, I think it depends what two people are willing to invest into it.

You can be in an in person relationship. One person giving 98% the other giving 2%

Thats not a real relationship IMO.

In some ways I think Long distance or online relationships have one distinct advantage over in person. All there is, is communication..... so if two people can communicate from long distance for long periods of time and neither become overly jealous, build trust, etc.... . Each give the same amount into it........ it starts off better than most in person relationships. Where 98% of the time at the beginning is infatuation, not so much getting to know the person but seeing a "perfect" person in front of them cause they are drawn to the physical.
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