Anyone here personally affected by Greece?

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Anyone here personally affected by Greece?

Postby Wesley » Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:12 pm

(Ignoring the fact that I probably used the wrong affected vs effected in the title)

Has anyone here been personally impacted (there, that's a better word when you can't remember the difference between affected and effected) by the situation in Greece? I'm seeing that more and more people are unable to pay the invoice that my company sends out to their customers. It's not a huge thing because we don't have a ton of Greek customers, but it's interested to see people writing us and asking not to shut their services down because all financial transactions exceeding $50 are blocked.
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Anyone here personally affected by Greece?



Re: Anyone here personally affected by Greece?

Postby sketcher » Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:22 am

I personally haven't seen any of that (I'm not in the billing department) but it wouldn't surprise me if some of our Greek customers were going through that.

We of course have not seen the full ripple effect of what is going on, and what will be done to address it.
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