matching tattoos for couples

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Re: matching tattoos for couples

Postby Toro » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:34 pm

Leothelioness wrote:Yeah, but the holes are at least somewhat unnoticeable. I can live with that. Lol

Thats the reason I got my tattoos where I did. I didn't want them to limit my employment chances with them being noticeable.

Most people are unaware I have tattoos unless they ask or they see me shirtless.

I've always loved the art of tattooing. I wanted tattoos back when they were considered "trashy" by society and weren't a popular thing to do.

I do believe SOME tattoos can be trashy and the placement, but tattoos can also be like any work of art. A thing of beauty.

I could never get the whole "naked lady" on my chest of nothing. I also was very limited in canvas , wanting to keep them hidden. Also, not wanting to be a walking ink blot for future Mrs. Toro. If not for those reasons, Id be tatted head to toe.
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Re: matching tattoos for couples



Re: matching tattoos for couples

Postby Wesley » Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:20 am

I like the Matthew 19 tattoo (I liked most all of them), and giggled at what the uber-fundies would say concerning tattoos being sinful. I'm rather mean spirited that way. :lol:

Dunno if it would be something I'd pursue heavily myself, but I'd go along with it.
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Re: matching tattoos for couples

Postby waves16 » Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:47 am

Since I'm a very tattooed individual, I would definitely consider the idea. However, it would have to be subtle. No giant hearts with my beau's name inside (actually, no names PERIOD). Maybe two tattoos that have similar themes, while not being too matchy-matchy or part of a set. I also like the idea of getting inked together, but choosing non-matching tattoos. My friend and her hubby are thinking of getting their wedding flowers incorporated into two different tattoos for each of them, I think that's a sweet idea.
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